Fire Code Inspections: Residential, Commercial, Institutions & Industrial Buildings

  • Prior to sale/purchase of property.

  • Mortgage/insurance purposes.

  • General or specific purposes.


  • Ontario Fire Code consulting, specializing in retrofit.

  • Consulting in other related Codes and Standards. (i.e. Ontario Building Code, NFPA, ULC, etc.)

  • Ontario Fire Code Part 4 Audit of Flammable and Combustible Liquids.

  • Ontario Fire Code Part 9 Audit of Hotels.

  • Preparation of Fire Access Route Plans (design, installation and final inspection)

  • Preparation of Fire Safety Plans.

  • Preparation of Occupant Load calculations.

  • Plan review of life safety equipment and systems

  • New construction and building up-grades, renovations.

  • Assist Adjusters at fire scene with respect to all Ontario Fire Code issues; inspection and assessment of systems and equipment.


  • Update, amend or establish a Fire Manual in accordance with Ontario Fire Code.

  • Provide in-service Fire Safety Training; training to include a thorough review of the Fire Manual; instruction and demonstration of how to operate life safety equipment and systems; and keeping proper logs of test results in a log book as required by the Ontario Fire Code for monthly and annual testing.

  • Seminars on all life safety equipment and systems, including Fire Alarm Systems, Sprinkler Systems, Stand Pipe Systems, Generators, Emergency Lighting Systems and Extinguishers.


  • Monthly maintenance and annual testing  of all life safety equipment  and systems with compliance letters provided as required by Ontario Fire Code.

  • Service and repair of life safety equipment and systems, including  new installations. 

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Meets CAN/ULC S104 (2010)
W/N 16813 Listed 20 minute Fire Shutter


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